Discover what members and parents have to say about their experience at Impact Athletic Club - a hub for athletics, running, and fitness for young individuals.

“The impact Craig and Neil have had, and continue to have, on our three children is huge. They have a unique understanding of how to coach differently, depending on ability and personality. This has been instrumental in fostering a healthy passion for sport that I know will continue into their adult lives. I can’t recommend this athletic club enough”  Parent

“I never want to miss an impact athletic session because Mr Smith and Mr Keirs make it so much fun. They are the best coaches you could ever have” Athlete

"Craig & Neil have been such dedicated, inspiring and motivational athletics coaches for Lucy over the past 5 years. The level of care and experience they provide for each individual athlete is second to none. Lucy has grown in not only her fitness, strength and ability in cross- country running as well as all athletics events but in her self confidence, self belief and determination too. She loves coming to every session - which is saying something when I know how hard they work  Thank you both for helping her achieve all of this, what a team!" Parent.

"My son really enjoys his sessions at Impact Athletics Club. The club has a great way of balancing hard work, competitiveness and progression with having fun and socialising with friends. A great way for him to keep fit and engaged with sport." Parent.

"Even though I find the sessions challenging, I feel fantastic afterwards!” Athlete.

"Our son has loved the session with Neil and Craig. It started off as just variety away from football - not only has his performance benefitted, but he has developed a real passion for his running now too" Parent